3G Prepaid Data Service

A. 3G Prepaid Data Recharge Vouchers

Uniform 2G & 3G prepaid data STVs 

Data STV in Rs.(Inclusive of GST) Total bundled free Usage Validity of freebies (in days) Data Charges
after freebies***
16 2GB 1 Calender Day 25ps/1MB
39 3 GB 5 Calender Days 25ps/1MB
56 1.5 GB/day 14  Calender Days 25ps/1MB
98 Unlimited Data (Speed restricted to 40Kbps after 2 GB/day) + EROS Now Entertainment 22 Calender Days 25ps/1MB
151 40 GB 30 Calender Days 25ps/1MB
198  Unlimited Data (Speed restricted to 40Kbps after 2 GB/day) + PRBT 54 Calender Days 25ps/1MB
251 70 GB 30 Calender Days 25ps/1MB
998 Unlimited Data (Speed restricted to 80Kbps after 2 GB/day) + PRBT for 60 days 240 Calender Days 25ps/1MB
1498 91 GB 365 Calender Days 25ps/1MB
Note:   * Available only through BSNL App & BSNL Portal












*** Data charges beyond free usage shall be deducted from the available balance in his main ac @ 25ps/1MB

Free data usage,usage charges beyond free usage will be applicable for Home LSA and roaming.

The base voice plan in case of prepaid data plan will be the tariff of Per minute plan. No Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) will be recovered from the data plans for the base voice plan.

The above, tariff will be allowed to all customers who want to take data plan from BSNL, irrespective of purchasing data card from BSNL or not.

B. (i)Sale price of USB type HSDPA Data Cards

Data Speed

Sale Price in Rs. (Excl. of GST)

3.6 Mbps


7.2 Mbps


14.4 Mbps


C.  (ii)Sale price of  PCMCIA type HSDPA Data Cards
Data Speed Frequency band MRP(Rs.)
3.6 MBPS Single Band 1600(Excl. of GST)
7.2 MBPS Tri Band 1600(Excl. of GST)

D. International Wi-Fi Roaming Packs:

MRP of the Pack in Rs.

Validity in Days


  • PROMOTIONAL OFFERs (New Data STVs 48 & 96 from 05-08-2020 to 02-11-2020)
    STV Freebies Validity in days
    48 5 GB 30
    96 11 GB 30