Particulars UAN-Full Charge UAN-Split Charges                          
1. Processing charge for service (Nonrefundable) Rs.5000/- Rs.5000/-                          
2. Security deposit (Refundable) (To be reviewed every 6 months) N.A Initially Rs. 10,000 & to be updated 2 months average                          
3. Fixed Monthly Charges for service Rs.3,000/- per month Rs.1,000/- per month                          
4. Call Charges Payable by Calling Party (Rs./Sec) Calling Party(Rs./Sec)  Called Party(Rs./Sec)
(I) From Landline/WLL                            
(a) Local (Within same SDCA)      
(i) From BSNL/MTNL 30 Sec Pulse Local call charges to PSTN  Free
(ii) From Other Networks Not Applicable  Not applicable  1.20/180
(b) Within same circle 30 Sec Pulse  Local call charges to PSTN 1.20/60
(c) Outside Circle 30 Sec Pulse  Local call charges to PSTN 1.60/60
(II) From Cellular    
(a) Within Circle Rs 2.00/60 Sec  local C2F as per plan  1.20/60
(b) Outside Circle Rs 2.00/60 Sec   local C2F as per plan 1.20/60
(c) National Roaming Prevailing national roaming tariff (calls beyond visited LSA) as per plan Prevailing national roaming tariff within LSA as per plan  1.60/60
5. Discount to UAN Subscriber  N.A.  Monthly Bill  Discount                        
 Note: upto 10000   Nil                        
 i)The discount is on non-graded basis   10001 to 50000   15%                        
 ii) In case of UAN(Split charging) excludes local calls  50001 to 250000  20%                         
  250001 to 500000   25%                        
   >500000  30%                        
6. IN Number 1860 XYZ ABCD  1860 XYZ ABCD                           
ABCD-(0001 to 4999) ABCD-(5000 to 9999)                           
7. Any modification in service(on demand) Rs.100/-  Rs.100/-                           
8.Detail billing soft copy (Per month)(On demand by subscriber) Rs.100/-  Rs.100/-                          
9. Vanity Numbers Charges One Time Monthly Payment                           
Super Premium (Category A) Rs.10000/-  Rs. 1000/-                           
Premium (Category B) Rs.7500/- Rs. 700/-                           
Prime (Category C) Rs.5000/- Rs. 500/-